Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer lovin' and the forgettin' is easy

Here is a partial list of some of the things I have done in the recent months:

  • Got halfway to my Mom's house (about a 30-40 minute drive) without bottles
  • Have twice forgot the diaper bag at home
  • Once forgot extra outfits in the diaper bag
  • Have turned on and walked away for the iron and found it (THANK GOD) had auto shut-off hours later
  • Ditto with boiling water for the formula...except I was darn close to ruining the pot
Is any of this normal for life with three kids? These are things I have never done in the past, with the exception of the pot. I am still organized, I still pack up the night before big days out, still lay out clothes, still, still, still I am finding myself lost in another world where I simply can't keep up sometimes.

Sweetpea is the missing link in our family, the part of the puzzle we didn't even know we needed. I am busier than ever and that is to say she is a tremendously easy baby. She generally hangs out all day with me with very little fuss. She sleeps through the night just occasionally getting up for her pacifier or sometimes milk.

I guess this being forgetful is to be expected, I am mentally juggling the lives and needs of three young children, something is bound to fall off the edge. I find it unnerving though the way my mind is betraying me so blatantly.

Today is the last day of school and we are looking forward to lots of summer fun. My blogging days seem to be getting farther and farther behind me, yet I cannot give it up entirely. I still read many blogs and I still get something from these honest, genuine, peaks into the lives of other families.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer and the livin' is easy for all.