Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blog Two

So I'm no techie. I tried to make some minor changes on my first post which for some reason don't show up on the first page but do show up if you click on the Archives section of the posts. Oh well. Not really important just tidying up some of my thoughts.

OK. I am completely and utterly overwhelmed by this new world I have entered here at Blogger. There are so many great blogs I want to read and am constantly impressed by my two favourites - Catherine Newman's and Bub and Pie (a fellow Canadian!) While I know I will never have a blog like Bub and Pie for example all I need for mine is my life and my kids - nothing more nothing less.

The writing around here is top notch and proves to me that this truly is a wonderful way to connect with other intelligent like-minded people. The sheer number of Blogs is staggering in a good way and I hope to eventually read them all. I can see how this becomes a happy addiction.

Girls are good this morning and our week watching Rachel continues. Calista is loving this and no doubt next week I will answer the question "Where's Rachel?" many times. Currently, they are playing dress-up beside me so a few more minutes for me to indulge.

I think it is appropriate at the beginning of my blog to jot down some random facts about the girls so I can start this journey of preserving our history. It is so fleeting and endless all at the same time. My next post will be just that and hopefully a photo or two.

All for now.

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Anonymous said...

Hello fellow neophyte.

I too am impressed with the level of writing in the mommy blog ghetto. Proof that many intelligent, passionate, opinionated mothers are seeking intellectual stimulation and socialization via the web. I just wish some of these intelligent, passionate, opinionated mothers lived close to me in Real Life!

PS - I followed you over from your comment on Bub&Pie