Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Meme too, just weirder

I know getting tagged for a meme is a huge compliment, so why then am I sweating? At least it is a topic close to my heart - how weird I can be.

Thanks to Mimi for this lovely compliment and her efforts to find out "what lies under that so-reasonable demeanor" of mine. Well, I don't know about my demeanor but here goes on the weirdness.

1) I have a Geography/Urban Studies degree yet it does nothing for my horrible sense of space or direction. I have listened to lectures, read textbooks and written papers on these topics and yet still I need very detailed instructions to move about easily. I have been known to take a longer route to somewhere just so I get there at all. This also extends to shopping malls, I always exit a store and head in the direction I just came from.

2) I have feet issues, a couple actually. I like my feet, all of my toes are in order. That is the toes all get progressively smaller starting at the big toe. Second toe is smaller than the big toe and all the way down the line. This is in my mind how toes should be and I often ponder how Papoosie Girl and Rosebud's toes will turn out, so far so good though. Other feet issues include my aversion to bare feet touching me, anyone's. Highchairs are designed for wee baby feet to constantly touch you, this I actually didn't mind but, keep those grown-up feet away from me.

3) I have a bit of the OCD thing happening. Mine is all about locks and the toaster. The toaster must always be unplugged when not in use. This does not extend to the coffeemaker or can opener or anything else in the kitchen, just the toaster. I have faked forgetting something to run back into the house to check the toaster. At night before bed I like to touch all the locked locks (front and back door) before going to bed. I also occasionally open our door to our garage to make sure the garage is shut but, that is only because hubby has been known to leave it open.

4) I like symmetry - a lot. I like stripes of any kind. I like my tea towels to hang just so which sometimes creeps me out and reminds me of that Julia Robert's movie with the insane husband she was trying to leave. I also like to dress the girls the same, I find it visually peaceful. If they are dressed different and I will be looking at them all day I find it a bit like a visual frat party. After our vacation last summer I discovered I am not the only person with this weirdness. Apparently, in terms of safety having the kids dressed the same is good for keeping track of them in large theme parks. So there.

5) I almost always go down the baby aisle at stores. I have no use for this aisle other than pull-ups but, I still browse through the baby food, formula, bibs and bottles. I am not sure why perhaps a sign I am not done this game?

6) Funny, I thought getting to six would be harder. I love cereal but, never eat it for breakfast. It makes an great bedtime snack or anytime I am hungry and am too lazy to make anything snack but, it is never eaten for breakfast. I don't like cold things for breakfast. If we go out I always order French Toast for breakfast and if we are at home I make toast. I don't like French Toast at home, yuck. Hubby has spent the last ten years trying to make French Toast in every possible way using every possible bread and I still hate it at home but, always order it out.

Is that enough? I hope so, since Rosebud has the getting up at 5am affliction going around and it is time for some shut-eye for this Mommy.

I don't think I am going to tag anyone since I have seen this everywhere but, if there is someone reading who has not been tagged, consider yourself it and go tell it on the mountain of weirdness.

Nighty night.


NotSoSage said...

You know, I have a pretty good sense of direction, but I am always thrown off in shopping malls. I often do what you described -- start heading in the direction I came from -- every store looks the same to me!

And the French toast thing...that is weird. I've been searching for the best oatmeal buttermilk pancake recipe because Mme L and I loooove pancakes, but the only one that Joe's ever enjoyed is served at a place nearby, so I'm trying to replicate the experience at home.

Alpha DogMa said...

I love Geography/Urban Studies. It seems to combine the best most scientific parts of anthropology and sociology and slants it to a very 'in the moment' stance.

My second toe (neighbour to big toe) is the biggest. Yes, it is ugly and sometimes painful.

Where you a latch-key kid? I was a latch-key kid and I'm paranoid about locking the doors. I was 9 when this was drilled into my head. Now I'm hyper aware that doors are suppose to be locked at all times. I'll check them 2 or 3 times when I leave or go to bed.

I dress the kids alike too. In terms of colours (usually orange), it makes it easier to find the kids in a crowd (skinny, blond boys are a dime a dozen in my town), plus they must have the same weight of clothes (both in similar layers) so everyone is equally warm or cold.

I don't like French toast at all. Ever. Here. There. Anywhere. In part because of taste but also because I never know if it is suppose to be sweet or savoury.

Okay, I'm done now. Sorry, Jen, I know I keep posting huge comments over here. Hope you don't mind. I just have alot to say about the stuff you say.

Have a good weekend.

Jenifer G. said...

I love your comments...they are one of the best parts of blogging! Comments by my buddies what could be better?

I love Geography too, I really do. It combines so much of what I am interested in.

The toe thing is really a symmetry thing I think. Sorry your toes hurt that is not nice.

I was a latch-key kid and I never thought of this connection!! Yes. Yes. I check and recheck too.

I do the layers thing too, colours and layers. Good grief we are the same.

I thought we could be BFF but, talk to me about the French Toast. It is the best...all salty (thanks to the disgusting amount of butter I use) and sweet with all the syrup (never poured on directly - dipped from a little puddle on the side) sooo savoury and sweet. Oui. You know how popcorn is all about the "Kettle Corn" flavour now, well French Toast did it first.

OK. Now I really am the weirdest with the longest comment on my own blog. :)

theflyingmum said...

Baby Aisle. Totally. And I am completely done having them.

Mimi said...

I take it back! You're definitely *not* reasonable.

I have one foot like yours, and one not: apparently, though, the classical standard for foot beauty is to have toes like AD -- really! I learned this somewhere but can't remember where.

Ummmmm .... french toast. I never order it out, but always make it at home with stale bread.

Mom always dressed my sis and I alike: people always asked if we were twins, despite that I was always four inches taller (still am), and blonde to her brunette.

If I have another girl, both kids are SO GETTING DRESSED ALIKE :-)

Great meme work!

Melanie said...

I find myself wandering through the baby aisles when I don't need anything. I crave buying all of those wonderful little baby gadgets, even though we have every single one. I mean, how many teething rings, rattles, noise makers does one household need?!?

Thanks for sharing all of your idiosyncracies...even if they really are pretty tame. :0)

Haley-O said...

Ha! Mimi sent you a meme! ;) Know what? My toes are like yours! And, my little monkey's are, too! :)

Oh, The Joys said...

Mem's always make me sweat. The PRESSURE!

Her Bad Mother said...

I ALWAYS hit the baby aisle. ALWAYS, even though WB is fast on her way out of babyhood. Hangover from pregnancy, I think, when all that I did was cruise baby aisles.