Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Musings - More Like Random Thoughts

Lately I have been filled with random thoughts. Some of them are scary, some are weird, some are productive and some are just strange.

Like how I realized I clap in one direction. Are you clapping yet? I always clap with my left hand lower than my right and I use my left hand to clap against my right.

I sometimes wonder about my future kids, not the ones that are unborn, the ones here now. I wonder if I will recognize them in their future incarnations. I see glimpses of the people they are becoming and I am both in awe and scared silly to know that these are probably the only two people who will be able to call my bluff. The people who have watched me, silently at first, do all kinds of things I would never do in front of others.

You know what I mean. When it is just you and a baby in the house you can pretty much get away with anything, they can't rat you out and tell your spouse you were blogging all day or spent an hour examining your face in the mirror. Bigger kids though they can and do let your secrets out. My girls think I am working on my laptop, I have never actually said what I was doing mind you- they just assumed this. It is when I forget to turn the sound down that they usually bust me and rush over to find out what I am doing. Typing however, never causes them to rush over.

I have been thinking of trying to get my act together in the kitchen, how I am going to do this however, is another matter. I get the idea that if you prep everything ahead then the actual cooking is a breeze. I just never seem to know just how much prepping is required and when are you supposed to do this, I mean if I spend all morning prepping the food and all evening cooking it how is anything else supposed to get done?

The idea of menu planning and shopping lists is like an aphrodisiac to me, but still I don't do it well. Every now and then I vow to set a menu plan for the week, shop once and make lovely homemade meals every night. In reality I wake up most mornings with no clue of what the girls and I will eat for dinner and I end up at Longo's most days for something. We eat out far too much and I really want to change that. It doesn't help that the girls are picky eaters either. Lately we are making strides to change that and be a bit more forceful in the trying new foods department, but sometimes I just want to eat in peace.

I bought the new book from Jessica Seinfeld, Deceptively Delicious and I am still reading through it. I love the idea of hiding adding in extra vegetables into the girls diets, but I wonder why it has to be that way. Why do I need to shell out money to figure out how to get my kids to eat better? Why are they not better eaters because I want them to be?

After my recent tumble, I have been taking back every random thought I have had about secretly wishing I could break something just so everyone would take care of me for a while. Truth was I could barely keep my swollen ankle on the couch while Hubby attended to the girls all evening. I am a lousy patient, and kept straining my neck to see exactly what he was putting in their lunch bags.

So as promised a post made up of entirely random thoughts. Right now my random thought is that the girls will need their bangs trimmed before their Christmas photos at Sears in two weeks, and yes I booked the appointment at the end of August. Damn type A's getting all the good appointments! I often cut the girls bangs myself and must admit I am getting pretty good, but for photos I differ to the professionals.

Had enough? Me too. What kind of random thoughts are keeping you up?

WAIT! I have one more to share. I got the girls grilled cheese Happy Meals from that evil place on the way home from dance class tonight, please don't judge me too harshly. The whole box, meal thing was all about The Bee Movie which incidentally I really want to take the girls to see - I still love Jerry. Anyhoo, we ordered milk and got with our meals these Sipahh Straws, has anyone heard of these? The one we got was Honeycomb flavour to tie in with the movie I suppose and while Papoosie Girl gamely put it in her milk and used it, Rosebud promptly asked for her regerler straw. It smells really strong and while I get they use these meals mainly as a marketing vehicle for the latest thing we should be watching/buying/renting these straws are taking it to a whole new level. That really stings. What would Jessica say?


Anonymous said...

(In a repeat of a rantish comment I made at Christine's blog, I offer this for general discussion):
If my kids grow up eating homemade chicken nuggets laced with broccoli AND I feed them Kraft Dinner mixed up with squash puree, how will they learn to like vegetables? Will they leave my house having become healthy - but unconscious - eaters and just assume that nuggets and processed KD are healthy? Don't I need to teach them to eat a vegetable that looks like a vegetable and learn to appreciate the nuances of unprocessed natural foods? Is this just a lazy and ultimately self defeating act of raising adults who are health conscious? Or am I just taking this too seriously?

I clap with left hand down, right hand doing the striking with the left immobile. I'm a righty, would a left do the opposite?

Your blog background is lovely. Careful though template tweaking can be kind of addictive.

Glad to hear you are on the mend - take care of yourself.

Jenifer said...

ADM-While I am not all the way through the book part of the premise is that vegetables are still served (presumably in their original form) at all meals. That is part of the plan, feed them vegetables AND sneak in extra - kind of like fortifying everything.

I do completely agree with you that I want my kids to be able to recognize vegetables in their original form. I just fear my girls do not get enough vitamins from veggies and would love to supplement it.

Now if I could figure out how to hide more meat in things that would be something....

Kellan said...

I loved this "random thoughts" post - so much of the kind of things I catch myself thinking so often. I'm never going to get my act together in the kitchen - I've just given up on that. Good post - see ya.

Beck said...

I just checked - I clap by bringing both of my hands together in front of me. I think one-handed clapping is more ladylike, however. I think I clap like a stevedore.
The whole food thing is moot at my house: my children eat nothing I cook.

Mama Drama Jenny said...

The girls in my office just asked me why I'm clapping in my office.


bubandpie said...

Am I to understand that you clap upwards? i.e. left hand on the bottom, moving upward towards the motionless right hand? That just seems wrong.

We got one of those straws today. I'm saving it to try for myself.

Christine said...

i love your random thoughts and random post. reminds me of. . me!

i clap with my left hand on the bottom and i hit it on top with my right.

and i SO know what you mean about bigger kids ratting you out about stuff.

Mad Hatter said...

Those straws look pernicious and evil to me. More veggies, fewer straws, I say.

I clap left on top, right on bottom, both hands clapping.

Sorry to hear about your fall.

Mimi said...

Ah, Munchkin's gonna rat me out something fierce some day. It will kill me.

Like you, I worry about the eating. I kinda side with AD, but then again, I don't want her to get malnourished and I'll be DAMNED if I'm going to fork out for those 'pediasure' baby drinks. At least hidden vegetables are still real food and not a supplement, right? RIGHT?

Ok. I'll try to calm down now. I like your random posts. They feel like real life.