Sunday, March 01, 2009

Cute is the new black

So maybe that is a stretch, but really who can argue with this much cuteness. The baby is not smiling as some family members are convinced, she was on the verge of crying; that outfit did not make her happy and did not get out of the house. A dear friend indulged my lust for all things matching and visually harmonious and bought these for the girls. I know my days are numbered as Papoosie Girl gets older, but for now I am going to milk this for as long as I can.

Today was Sweetpea's 40 day blessing which is a tradition in the Greek Orthodox Church. There were four babies in total and one of the other girls had the same name as her which made all of us stop and stare a bit. She has been blessed and it makes me rest a little easier even though I never realized it might have been bothering me. Her wee soul is protected by something larger than myself, she is welcomed into a larger family.

I hope and pray her life is as blessed as mine.


Anonymous said...

Same first name or same first and middle name? That's wild.

A 40 day blessing sounds lovely.

We had the boys baptized (mostly for my peace of mind), but it was a DIY affair -- who knew that baptisms were the ONE thing the Catholic church treats casually?

Mad said...

Am coming out of the fog of my influenza to concur that cute is indeed the new black. That's a picture for the ages.

Beck said...

I had my kids baptized as a group. It was a Big Deal.
I love putting my kids into matching outfits! It is one of the most hilarious things about mothering.

Denguy said...

Buttons, all!

Mimi said...

They are adorable.

Can I say? My mom dressed my sister and I alike all the time until we rebelled. Now we're in our 30s and regularly buy the same skirt, the same purse, the same shoes, the same sweaters, the same winter coats. Damn boomerang of early experience! Now we can't help ourselves!