Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Time Flies

Time really does fly when you are trying get ahead or say pack for a week at a cottage. As real day -to-day life charges ahead I am trying to pack up our entire house so I can enjoy my relaxing week off week of being a wilderness chambermaid. We are in the process, well mostly I am in the process of getting us ready for a week up North in the lovely Haliburton hills of cottage country.

Note: Not to actual scale, or remotely reminiscent of the cottage I will be actually staying in. I can dream right?

Our friends have a cottage (parents do anyway) and we are renting the cottage next door for the first time. We have never stayed for entire week and this seemed like it would give us a bit of breathing space. As it turns out another couple and their two children are coming up and staying with our friends so their cottage will be pretty cozy.

I have such wonderful memories of going to the cottage as a child. We rented at the same place for years and years in Bobcaygeon and while debating this week up North I kept coming back to my own happy cottage memories. Campfires, walking to town, the little tuck shop and the long freezies, catching my first fish by accident after getting tired of waiting for a fish, I stuck my rod in a crack in the dock and walked away. I came back an hour later to find the smallest Sunfish on my hook. We would play all day while our parents drank big pitchers of Caesar's, I remember barbecuing in the rain and the trips to Fenelon Falls when we were all sick of each other.

So as I look at my front hall and my list and shake my head, I know my girls are going to have a fantastic week. We will relax, not look at the clock, spend time doing nothing, make s'mores around the campfire, play games and make wonderful cottage memories for our girls. To be honest I am not much of a wilderness gal and camping is not my style at all. I just prefer the comforts of indoor plumbing and walls between me and the great outdoors. The cottage is a good compromise between my hotel tendencies and my desire to be at one with nature. I love nature, I love hikes, sunsets, mountains, oceans, all of it. At the end of the day though I love a hot shower and soft bed a bit more I guess. I like having both - call me selfish.

I have not been around much this week (no Monday Musing!) and likely won't be back blogging for a few weeks.

The only thing that makes me more anxious than packing up all this stuff is the idea of unpacking it again in a week.


Omaha Mama said...

Have fun with your lists! I'll miss you but hope that you'll post about it when you're back and maybe share a real picture? (That one you posted looks like a dream to me too).

A trip to a cottage sounds like a daydream to me. You are fortunate for such a trip! Have fun and get some r & r.

Omaha Mama said...
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Christine said...

i so want to go to the place in the picture!

I know what you mean about the packing--we are packing for a two day camping trip and it is crazy!

have fun, 'k? we'll miss you.

Beck said...

Have FUN.

Alpha DogMa said...

I want to go to those beach huts. You, me, Bruce Willis and...hmm...who's at the top of my list today...Jimmy Smits. Yes. Sounds like a grand scheme.

Have a good trip.

Haley-O said...

I'll miss you, Jen! Have a great time!

Mimi said...

This is so right--just what cottaging is to me. Camping, but more civilized.

Wilderness chambermaid? That made me snort.

Have fun not looking at the clock. I'll be watching the calendar, waiting for your return.

Oh, The Joys said...

Oooh. Now I'm suffering from cottage jealousy. Have fun!