Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Musings - A Little bit of Everything

Today was Rosebud's very first day of school. Here's the thing, it was a non-event. I feel bad even saying that, but it is true. We got ready, took lots of photos, went to school, waved bye and she was off. I didn't have a lump in my throat or that lurching feeling in my stomach and I was not rapidly blinking back tears. I mean I am still sad and overwhelmed and cannot believe I have two school-age children, but really I am fine. Doesn't she look cute? She wanted to look fancy, but casual (her words) and she wanted her rainbow feet which is what she calls these tights.

What did I do with my two and half hours of new found freedom?

A) Have a leisurely breakfast somewhere alone, reading the paper?
B) Come home and have a nap?
C) Put my feet up and watch TV?
D) Clean the bathrooms?

If you choose "D" you would be correct. I took this chance to use my heavy-duty cleaners and give the bathroom a good scrub. The thing is after drinking my Tim's coffee and having breakfast (after dropping the girls at school) and answering the phone calls from everyone wondering how this morning went, I had about 45 minutes left before I had to go pick her up. My routine has just gotten busier with three daily stops at the school, but I am sure I am going to be enjoying my two and half hours of freedom everyday.

Remember that Friday was my 10th
anniversary? Well, I thought I would post some pictures of my loot. We went out to dinner to The Keg then to the Cirque du Soliel show Kooza and I got two dozen roses, a lovely card and beautiful diamond stud earrings. I don't really wear a lot of jewelery, I wear my wedding and engagement rings and I have ring I wear on the other hand that was a gift when I had Rosebud. It is a lovely ring with three square diamonds to commemorate the three girls in the family.

I wear those and my watch everyday and I wear a chain with a cross that I don't take off. I usually wear one of two or three pairs of earrings all yellow or white gold and all pretty classic, I don't wear a lot of costume jewelery although I do have some nice stuff that I sometimes wear to weddings or fancy occasions. I have one pair of small hoop earrings with diamonds that were a gift from Hubby when I had Papoosie Girl, those are my fancy earrings. In the house though, no jewellery (sans necklace) all rings and watches come off the minute I am in the front door, I cannot work with anything on.

So while everything is pretty classic I am fairly well decked out in diamonds if I have it all on at once. I must admit I have always loved diamond studs for their classic look and clean lines, but I was shocked to get them. I was thinking dinner and a night out were plenty, so I was not only surprised, but touched that he would pick something he knew I always wanted.

Enough about the gifts though, what I wanted to share was the wrapping. Hubby is obsessed with all things paper, boxes, ribbon and bows. He taught me how to make a bow out of ribbon - I used to buy them ready-made of course. Now he needs to know about paper and stock weights and finishes for his job and he can pick up just about any type of paper and tell you all the qualities, but that isn't even it. Even before he worked at this job he would bring me to paper stores, box stores, packaging stores, you name it. He would lovingly touch and admire all the different types of paper.

He bought this box, wrapped it himself, chose the co-ordinating tissue - everything. He really believes that if you take so much care in choosing the gift your efforts in the presentation should be the same. As a woman I must admit I was a bit shocked at his abilities in this area, after all most guys, or I should say most guys I knew would more likely hand you a gift still in the bag from the store. His abilities more importantly made me look bad, I mean I am a good wrapper and all and can choose a good gift bag, but he rises above me. This also can be a sore spot for some of my friends, can I help it if I am spoiled? The way I see it, it is a two-way street and nice begets nice around here.

One last thing about wrapping. He thinks the above gift is one of his best efforts to date and while it is nice it doesn't compare to this one. Christmas 1999 he saved one of my gifts to give me on New Year's Eve. When I opened this book I thought it was cute and funny joke, a romance novel about the year 2000. I actually put the book down until he told me to open it and check it out. As you can see he hollowed it out and hid a necklace inside. I always thought this was the best and most creative wrapping job ever and wished I had thought of it.

So there, a brief glimpse into the strange combination of manly man who watched his team play Sunday in appropriate team t-shirt and the man who took me to Kooza Friday night and gave me such a pretty, pretty box.

We were supposed to watch the CBC show Test the Nation: Watch Your Language for fun last night as well, but we were both too zonked. We taped it and have our score cards ready, did any of you watch it and have a friendly competition? He's going down for sure, I am convinced he can't beat me at this game.

So those are all my random updates for today. Papoosie Girl's dance class starts tonight so we will be on the run this evening. I only allow one evening out a week, beyond that I just don't think I could manage. Swimming is Saturday morning's and Rosebud's dance class is in the afternoon right after school. Am I the only one who thinks this is plenty, one class each and swimming which I don't consider extra-curricular I think of it more of a life skill? I would love to put them both in piano, and brownies, and skating lessons, but I know none of us would enjoy being out five nights a week. I know people who do it though, they have something everyday of the week. Personally, I just could not do it and my kids need their down-time to just unwind and be together.

I feel a little more settled today, like this week is going to unfold a bit better than last week. I love September and can't wait for those crisp mornings, apple picking, and cozy turtlenecks.


Beck said...

She is ADORABLE. Good golly. And look at your excellent gifts! What a great husband you have.
I totally agree with you about extra-curricular stuff - they're nice, but I don't consider them NECESSARY. We're signing my kids up for swimming this week, actually, and The Girl might take piano lessons. Throw in a mid-week Joy Club and they are PLENTY busy.

Oh, The Joys said...

D? You chose D? WTH?!

Mimi said...

I'm sorry I missed your anniversary! Happy anniversary, and yes, your husband is a truly multifaceted man.

I got diamond stud earrings from my mom for my MA graduation, and I NEVER take them off.

Rosebud is too cute for words. Rainbow feet? Too cute. I'm glad she's adjusting so well.

And about the activities? um, YEAH. We're already talking about limiting the commitments and the driving and the late nights and the early mornings. I really think it can easily get to be too much.

Omaha Mama said...

Love the piggy tails, love the tights. So cute!

Your husband is a keeper (but you knew that). I am the woman who gets the gift in the bag from the store. That's if the event has warranted my hubs going out to get a gift. And that's almost the day of, if he's chosen to get the gift.

I think one extra activity is plenty. I feel like we are almost overdoing it, by just adding one evening of dance to our regular routine. So I'm with ya there!

Great post!

Kathryn said...

Wow! What a great blog. This is my first time visiting after I saw your link at Catherine Neuman's blog. Anyway, Happy Anniversary. Your husband did a great job. Lucky girl, you.
Rosebud must be a very confident girl to have such a non-eventful departure from you on her first day. We had a similar first day on our end. My oldest went off to 4k and was very excited about it. His little brother was less than thrilled that his bro would be gone for half a day. Poor kid.
Anyway, stop by my blog if you have a sec.

NotSoSage said...

That is, indeed, a very creative wrapping job.

And I hope that today you do something crazy and frivolous with your 2.5 blogging! ;)

Alpha DogMa said...

I never mastered the womanly art of giftwrap. Thank heavens for gift bags from the dollar store.

Mad Hatter said...

WOW. That's some wrapping. My husband gets all environmental about wrapping. I'll have to save the story for a Christmas post. Your husband, though? He's a charmer.

As for Rosebud, she nailed casual fancy!

Christine said...

you are making me ALL excited for my anniversary-tomorrow! love the diamonds. and he IS an amazing wrapper!

Got My Kids Mississauga said...


My husband is pretty upset with yours...he's raised the bar too high!

Glad you had a lovely birthday...I enjoyed your comment about the flip flips on The Cheaty Monkey too!

Bon777 said...

Glad you stopped by my blog…thanks for the nice 10 years congratulations...the same milestone is also coming up for us in December...I hope my husband is as thoughtful, we shall see...rainbow feet, such a doll!

ali said...

the tights! i can't get over their cuteness. where can i get me a pair of those??!!

Jenifer said...

Ali-Those tights are from Children's Place, but sadly only come in kids sizes! I have always loved striped tights, over the years the girls almost always have a pair each winter.