Saturday, February 09, 2008

I have a good husband

I have been sick again this week. Bah! I am so sick of being sick and this was the real deal - the flu. Shivers, shakes, high fever, chattering teeth (for real) and sweating so much I have had to change my pajamas up to three times a day. I feel cold, so cold like I can never get warm. I was so achy yesterday I sat in the tub and let the shower spray me with hot water for nearly twenty-five minutes. Even though I was sick off and on for all of December it was never enough to really warrant me a sick day. My Mom came her usual one day a week and I got the odd afternoon off while my in-laws picked up Rosebud from Kindergarten giving me freedom until 3pm when I would have to pick up Papoosie Girl.

I know, I know, my life is soooo tough. I will say this in my sad defense, I never ask for help - I actually suck at it. My Mother-in-Law calls every morning at the same time and if there is anything wrong with me she usually has to pry it out of me. I hate asking for help for me, how stupid is that. If it is for the girls I am much more likely to ask, for me, I play the martyr. So while I was sick in December I was able to get some rest in here and there, but for the most part it was sick me taking care of things.

So while that is all nice it is a bit boring. What is not boring is how wonderful my Mom, Mother-in-Law and Husband have been the last few days. Thursday my Mom can out in the afternoon and stayed late evening, making dinner, doing the laundry and taking care of the girls while I shivered on the couch. Friday, Hubby took the girls to school and my in-laws picked up both girls at their dismissal times and then kept them until Hubby picked them up. I was able to rest all day. It was such a treat, it is too bad I was too sick to enjoy it.

Today had already been planned for awhile for Daddy to take the girls shopping to buy Mommy's birthday and Valentine's Day gifts. Last year he let them choose whatever they wanted - in that store that starts with a "Z". I got a green velvet and lace tank top in size medium (I am a Large and not so velvety) and a dolphin charm and chain, a C&rious G&orge t-shirt size small - among many other interesting gifts.

I got up and went to the doctors this morning because frankly I was getting a little scared. How long can a fever hang around anyway? I am now back on antibiotics for some kind of infection and still fighting the flu, oh joy. Anyway, on to the My Husband is Great part. He left just after me around 9am and it is 4pm and he is still not home. He has been sending me photos and funny stuff from his iphone so I keep getting emails from him. Here is where they have gone so far (that I know of anyway):

McD's for breakfast
The video store
The doughnut factory (Cr&spy Cr@me)
Home Improvement store

He called a while ago asking if he could keep them out sure! I do miss them, I really do, but I am sure loving the quiet. Hubby has always been taking the girls out with him to run errands, even when they were little and in diapers. I am always a bit sad when I think of some friends we know, that Dad has never taken his son out alone anywhere. My Hubby is always offering me a day off when he can and loves having his girls all to himself, and since I get them to myself so much during the week I am happy to oblige. For the most part we actually like doing things together, even if Hubby has work errands we all pile in together and make something fun out of it. I mean that is what life is all about, taking the crappy, the mediocre and turning it into something fun.

Everyday cannot be beaches and theme parks, real life can be fun too. You just have to try. I can't wait to feel better so I can play too. Thanks Hubby for being a great Dad.


Omaha Mama said...

What a lucky girl you are!
I was pondering a post with the exact opposite adjective today. Kidding.
Kind of.

I hope you are feeling better soon with the medicine.

Beck said...

Are you KIDDING? Your MOTHER-IN-LAW phones you? And OFFERS TO HELP?
I have a great husband, but now I am fainting with jealousy over your mother-in-law - seriously, when I was back home from the hospital two years ago, temporarily blind from a medical reaction and still dangerously sick, she was HORRIFIED that my husband asked if she could come over and help for the day.
Lucky you!
And poor you to be so sick - I hope you are on the mend.

Life As I Know It said...

Wow, lucky indeed! What a great husband and support system you have.

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Jenifer said...

Beck, I just had to say you are right, my MIL is great. She calls me every morning to check in and routinely asks to help out. At least one day a week they pick up Rosebud and keep her all afternoon so I can get some free time. This Friday they came back to the school to get Papoosie Girl as well.

They cook for us all the time and it is not weird for me to come home and find a pot of soup on my stove.

When I went back to work after having Papoosie Girl, my MIL watched her for three days a week and my Mom (who was still working) one day. When I would pick her up at the end of the day my dinner would be cooked and in tupperware at the front door.

My MIL is the best and even if it drives me a bit crazy sometimes to have everyone know my business I am eternally grateful. I have called them on a moments notice so many times for something with the girls and they are they drop everything to help.

They really are good people. I know of many people who have no such support or even good relations. My husband says he spent a lifetime building this relationship, it is a two way street and while they are there for us - we are equally there for them. If there is something they need we are sure to help.

All my friends say we are spoiled by both my Mom and in-laws and maybe we are, but there is nothing we would not do for them either. Right now my Mom is taking Papoosie Girl to her skating lessons - she drove about 40 minutes to spend the afternoon with us because Hubby has a work function.

I wish everyone could be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

I hope they bought your birthday present at the bookstore and not the hardware store.

I'm envious of your support system. My mother in law feigns simpleness when she makes passive aggressive comments about our life and acts flightly when it suits her ends, and then doesn't understand why I don't trust her alone with the boys. Can i rent your MIL. For a night? A day? A week? Please.

And how does your husband have an Apple Phone? I thought they didn't work outside the US cell network?

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like you're a lucky woman. Except for the sickness of course - hope you feel better soon!

Christine said...

you do have such a sweetie pie man in your life. i hope this sickness passes easily and soon.

take care and happy birthday (a little late)

Mimi said...

Awww. I hope you start to feel as well in your body as you do in your family. That' a real blessing, that.