Thursday, February 21, 2008

I think I'll spin

See that new background, that is what I am dreaming about. I am dreaming about warm water, sand and sun. I just booked our hotel for Myrtle Beach this July and I am giddy. We will be heading to Long Island, NY for a wedding at the end of June and I somehow convinced Hubby with my stealth charm that going to the beach after was a great idea. He wanted to go to Boston, but in my current state all I can dream about is palm trees and sand.

We are definitely a road trip kind of family I guess although the thought usually makes me hyperventilate a bit before we actually start the trip. Just last night Papoosie Girl was telling Rosebud that traveling is exciting because you get to see new things, she already has the bug. All the girls care about so far is the Statue of Liberty (thanks Wonderpets and Little Einstein’s!), the big Toys R Us in Times Square and the playground at Central Park I showed them. After all that we head to the beach, I really can't wait.

In this never-ending grip of cold and sickness it is what I need right now, to think of better times. It is not just my house though that has been caught up with this plague. It has been one of the leading news stories in Canada and the USA not to mention American Idol last night (after 6 seasons I have finally decided to see what all the hype is about, to be honest Simon is my favourite part most of the time) mentioned that many of the contestants had the flu. So many of my favourite bloggers and their families have been sick too. Is it me - or this winter just worst somehow?

Of course this weekend I told everyone I saw that yes we were all finally better and yes it was amazing that Papoosie Girl never got it. Then of course I picked her up from school all glassy-eyed and hot and she was telling me her muscles were "quivery" all day. I am now paying for my rookie mistake and tempting fate and all that as she sits on the sofa watching the Family Channel at the moment.

There is some good news though; we have turned Papoosie Girl into a Wheel of Fortune addict. I have watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy off and on for years, it is what my Mom used to watch every night so I was stuck watching unless I wanted to head for the basement TV. It was Wheel in fact that gave me the inspiration for my honeymoon. They were doing a broadcast from a resort in Hawaii and I was mesmerized to see Vanna swimming with the dolphins, I had to go there - and I did. When we were newly married Hubby and I used our hand-held Jeopardy machines (basically a calculator) to keep track of our score, competition was fierce and not always friendly.

The other night we had the television on watching the red alert screens going by on the weather channel and for some reason Hubby flipped to Wheel. Papoosie Girl who had been doing a puzzle before bed was hooked immediately and wanted to know all about it. That first night she had pretty much figured out the premise and was eager to try to solve the puzzles. The money part of it confused her; she kept asking if it was money for them to go to university.

I now tape it everyday and we watch it a bit earlier than it airs so bedtime is not jeopardized. She has been able to solve many long I keep my mouth shut and don't shout them out before she gets a chance to solve them. I am so impressed at how easy it is coming to her and the other day she asked me if we could go to the video store and get the Wheel of Fortune movie - that made me laugh. To watch her mind expanding is just inspiring and while I wish I could take the credit it is just her, my stubborn and sweet little girl with more determination than I ever had. Daddy even bought the computer version and she loves playing except she misses Vanna and Pat who for some reason aren't on the computer version.

As a kid I loved game shows and watched Price is Right, Family Feud, Jokers Wild, Match Game, Press Your Luck, I could go on and on. I guess she comes by it naturally. We have been chided for keeping our girls away from family-type movies we still feel are inappropriate for our girls, now that they are hooked on Wheel I can only imagine what our friends will say. I am all for letting them fill their heads with fun kids shows, it is just that the ones they like are the ones where they learn something, that is what they ask for. I would never let them watch violent or sassy shows with nothing but fighting and back talking it is just not my way.

So as a special treat I am going to let my adorable little letter turner watch last nights Wheel since she is all feverish right now. I hope that if we keep spinning our wheel will land on something other than being a nice jackpot of health for our family.


Beck said...

This winter has been BRUTAL. We've basically been sick since January.
Simon is EVERYONE'S favorite. He's not as mean this season, but at least the singers are WAY more talented than last year's blah-fest.

Anonymous said...

"was the money for them to go to university" is so FUNNY! She's obviously got a good head on her shoulders.

I'm jealous that you get to go south during the summer. I get to go south next month - but it's only Vancouver. Yeah, it'll be warmer BUT cloudy and rainy. Big whoop.

I feel like I'm the only flu-free blogger (*knock on wood*). Though Little Brother did spend yesterday morning throwing up. And eating popsicles. My turn will come, I'm sure.

Denguy said...

I didn't know Myrtle Beach palm trees.

The Wheel rocks.

Mimi said...

Well here I am in California ... and it's pouring rain and will be for the next four days. So much for my fun in the sun!

I love that you're taping Wheel to watch with Papoosie Girl - it sounds like a lot of fun, actually. I used to watch it religiously with my memere and with my godmother.

Omaha Mama said...

I have sweet memories of games shows too. Especial Wheel, Press Your Luck, Price Is Right, and Let's Make a Deal. I liked them all as a kid. It's fun that your daughter is liking them too. :-)

I think there's a DVD version of Wheel, isn't there? If so, maybe Pat and Vanna are on there.

Oh, and American Idol? I've watched every season. I love it!

Haley-O said...

Awful AWFUL winter has us ALL dreaming about jumping into that background of yours!!! (I LOVE IT! AHHHH!) We're just catching up on American Idol tonight and Simon is MEANER THAN EVER. I'm loving it! ;)

Don Mills Diva said...

This winter has been absolutely terrible- really, realy depressing. Glad you have your trip to look forward to..

Christine said...

i used to LOVE wheel of fortune as a kid! And we watched so many others, too, when we were sick or in the summer.

i am so jealous of your myrtle beach trip!

Running on empty

Sandra said...

It has been the suckiest winters ever.

I was a wheel addict as a child ... my guy is a jeopardy addict.

Her Bad Mother said...

It's not just you. This winter is THE WORST. EVER.

Erin said...

I can't believe anyone else watched Joker's Wild! I loved that show, unfortunately most of my game show nostalgia was surrounded in a heavy gauze of cigarette smoke and other oppresive feelings from growing up not as happily as I could have been. (Preteen/teen years.) If you can spin the Wheel in a happy light, all the power to you!

NotSoSage said...

Just checking in. It's been a while, and I don't know whether you get blog comments e-mailed to you, but I haven't been by in a while and I noticed that you haven't posted...

I'm still dreaming of warm sun and water...I guess we all are, aren't we?