Saturday, December 06, 2008

A nice little update

Hello one and all. Or more likely one at this point in my sketchy blogging career. I know it has been several are some random updates.

I am still pregnant, I am about 8 weeks away from delivering by a scheduled cesarean, based on the fact that Rosebud was breech and resulted in a cesarean. My doctor feels strongly I should just go ahead with another one. I had, actually still have, mixed feelings about it all and really don't want to go through the surgery again, but the doctor feels really strongly about. Some of the doctors in the clinic say that if I go into labour before my scheduled date and all is well, I can certainly go ahead and try a natural delivery. The problem is when they all start talking risk factors and the likelihood of complications I get all panicky. When one of the main complications is death it does that to a girl.

Still on the medical front I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and right now I am still in the phase of keeping track of my sugar levels for now. I am not on insulin as of yet, and hopefully won't have to, but as of right now I am having a hard time keeping my levels, well level. The diet I am following is not too bad and the biggest problem I am having is eating as much as they say to eat. Usually at the end of the day I am way behind, I do alright with the meals, but I can never manage to get in the snacks. I go back to the clinic this week so I am sure they will have lots of advice on where this is going.

To be honest I am just tired now. The pregnancy has finally caught up with me these last few weeks and at nearly 32 weeks I am feeling it. Up until now I have pretty much been operating as usual, now I am finding myself out of energy by noon. With Christmas fast approaching it is getting harder and harder to keep up.

Aside from all that I do feel pretty good for a tired, old pregnant lady. I have only gained two pounds and even though I still have some shopping to do I am pretty organized. It helps that we are not entertaining at all at our house this year. We will be fed and entertained from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day at our families, which takes a huge burden off of me. Even stranger this year was the canceling of several of our long-standing events. We have been able to add in some spontaneous fun these past few weekends with some of the free days.

I do love the holidays and I am starting to get really excited and so are the girls. This will be our last Christmas just the four of us and I am trying to soak it all in. Try as I might I cannot imagine the new baby in our mix yet, I realize that sounds a bit bad and I don't mean it that way. It is just that every time I try to imagine us as five, with a little baby in tow I just come up blank. As this baby kicks me as I write this I know that very soon this will all make sense.

This may or may not be pregnancy related, but this morning I burned ground beef. Exciting right? I mean I am not a five-star chef or anything, but I can usually handle browning some ground beef and sauteing veggies to make a big batch of sauce. I went ahead and picked out the really burned parts and made the sauce anyway. Now I wonder if that was a good idea, dinner time will tell.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday however you celebrate. I have everything I want, other than maybe a few more hours in the day. I have really cut myself some slack this year and it feels great, while at the same time a bit drafty if that makes sense. I plan to fit some baking in this weekend and we are taking the girls to see some Christmas windows downtown.

I will be in touch hopefully once more before the baby arrives and if not I promise to let everyone know when the big moment happens.

Happy Holidays to all.


Beck said...

Why does your doctor not want you to try for a vbac? I've had one c-section - for a breech baby (the girl!) - and 2 vbacs.

Sorry about the gestational diabetes. ugh!

Not long now! That baby will be here in time for Valentine's Day!

Jenifer said...

My main doctor (it is a clinic with nine rotating OB's) is pushing the c-section and it is in fact scheduled for early February, so the baby will be here for Valentine's.

Some of the other doctors in the clinic I have seen are much more open to the vbac, especially since I have had one successful v. delivery already with Papoosie Girl. Other factors such as it has been five years since my c-section make me a great candidate to try the vbac.

There is another issue that my placenta is low. That was at my earlier ultrasound mind you and I am scheduled to have another one in the next few weeks to check again. So I am not sure how much that is playing into it.

It is funny seeing a rotation of doctors because they have such varying opinions. Some are pro c-section, so are pro vbac, some take the diabetes really seriously and some say it is no big deal. Makes it kind of hard to get your head wrapped around all of it!

Anonymous said...

HELLO! I was just so giddy when your name came up on my google reader. I've a Xmas card here for you -- I just need to buy stamps. So maybe it will be more of a Happy New Year card.

2 lbs? You've gained 2 lbs? Bitch. I'm jealous! With both my pregnancies: 60 lbs. SHOCKING!

So are you a pessimist or an optimist? Because I think that the vbac vs planned c-section debate comes down to which is the least scary option. Which will cause you the least amount of mental and physical stress? Personally, I'm a pessimist and would find it more comforting to go with a c-section. BUT I've never had a c-section so I've no idea about the recovery.

Yeah. I'm no help. Sorry. But you're in the home stretch! Almost there. Time to start getting the husband to commit to a name. Tiana? Oliver? Barack? Kyoto? Bronx? Mowgli? Hehehehe. I'm no help at all.

Mad said...

It was so good to get an update on how you're doing. I was wondering just how close you were getting. Please keep us up to date where and when you can.

Omaha Mama said...

So exciting - I can't wait for the news in a couple of months!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours. Thanks for taking the time to write.