Saturday, December 27, 2008

The name game

Who knew I could post so frequently? With the baby fast approaching (and I say that with great trepidation as Papoosie Girl arrived four weeks early) we need to come up with a name. Since all of you are so gifted in spotting the bad ones and overflowing with good ones I am putting this out there for one and all to help. Despite a big show of getting the books out and Papoosie Girl enjoying reading them we have not had an earnest name discussion.

My last name is Greek, not too long and ends with an "S" and both my girls have fairly classic, feminine names ending in an "A" one is a bit more common and one is not. Both however, are pretty and girly and you would not have to guess their gender say on a class list. I am leaning so strongly towards Amelia now I even refer to the baby in my head by that name. Other names we (ok mostly me) have come up are: Melina, Makena, Olivia. There is also the fact that both my girls names have a Greek meaning and I would like to stick with that. Amelia, Melina and Olivia have Greek meanings, Makena is a town on Maui we visited and I just like how it sounds.

I am thinking of Jane for a middle name for a girl no matter what the first name is, it was my great grandmothers name and I just like it. This has not been met with any kind of approval as of yet mind you. Other than that we have no ideas for middle names and I am not sure we want to go the family route since we didn't do that before, except for Papoosie Girl who has my maiden name as a middle name (and it is now an up-and-coming first name) and it was in honour of my Dad. Rosebud's middle name was just a name I liked.

Here is the fun part, we know it is a girl! After a very dramatic Christmas Eve trip to Labour & Delivery for assessment with what we now know was a kidney stone and a trip back Christmas Day for four hours for an ultrasound and follow-up - we found out it is indeed another daughter. I can't say I am surprised, but officially knowing just makes it all the more exciting.

So I am asking for suggestions, anything at all really. I would say it is fairly certain we will go with a name ending in an "A" since I like how they all sound together, but you never know. If the right name comes along it is the right name. I hope we will know it when we hear it.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Mine have been a bit strange, but we have salvaged what we could and with the help of our family were able to celebrate and be thankful for a healthy baby girl on her way.


Omaha Mama said...

I'm glad everything is okay! I'm sure it was quite a scare at the time, and a bit of a bummer on a holiday. The nice part is that your girls probably had so much attention from other family. It's fun that you know it's a girl. I think the names you are deciding amongst are lovely. I really like Amelia and Olivia and think that Jane is a wonderful middle name for both!
Good luck with the decision making, at least you are off to a great start!

Mad said...

I LOVE Amelia. That is all.

And YAY! Girls. Three sisters. Perfect.

Mimi said...

I love Amelia. Also, there will be 4 million Olivias in class with your kid, so consider that.

Just caught up on your news! How eventful! I hope you are able to relax over the break. Please please keep us posted.

Another girl: I'm so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

I just read your comment on my blog and I was getting panicky! Glad to hear your happy ending. Phew.

A girl? So no Oliver then? Too bad. Will you save that one for Baby #4? HAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! I'm so funny/cruel.

Amelia was on the short list for both our boys, so I love it!

Compared to Rosebud and Papoosie Girl's names, Makena is very trendy (ie place name, sort of unisex with surname vibe) and doesn't share the classic feel of their names.

I really like Melina and Olivia. Have you considered Sylvia as an alternative to Olivia? This is a really good article about those two names. Have you played around with The Name Voyager site? It's addictive.

Have you consider Fotoula as a tribute to your Big Fat Greek Life? Anastasia? Daphne (doesn't have an -a ending, but still...)? Jocasta? Philomela? Rhea?

My husband is suggesting Apollonia, Cynthia, Korinna and Eudora. Yeah. Right. Eudora -- he's obviously not over his Barbara Eden obsession.

Okay, I'm turning off the computer or I'll never get anything done today.

Beck said...

Three little girls sounds like the cutest thing EVER. And Amelia Jane Greeklastnames sounds VERY nice.

My oldest daughter knows three girls with variations on the name Makenna, so it's probably trendier than you'll want to consider.

Olivia is pretty and classic but quite well-used right now. It's by no means a bad name - very pretty! - but if you want to avoid names that are more popular right now, you'll probably want to use something else.

Glad you're well. xo

Bea said...

I worked with a woman named Melina, and it is a really lovely name that wears well.

Pie has two Olivias in her class this year (and one more that she was in a day-care with a couple of years ago) so I concur with everyone else that it's a very popular name right now.

And yay for knowing the sex - I always think that makes it more fun.

Jenifer said...

You guys are the best! Thanks for all the suggestions....I am liking Amelia Jane more and more.

I had no idea Olivia was so popular, it really isn't where we are and same thing with Makena. I do agree with Subspace that Makena is way more trendy than my other girls names and it wasn't too likely I was going to use it - even if I like it.

The funny thing is there were many names I liked that just would not work such as Avalon, Delaney and Bronte. I would need many lifetimes to use up all the names I love.

Subspace: Fotoula is great, but sadly is too close to many other family names...

Haley-O said...

Oh! I love the name Amelia! It's pretty -- and it seems to be calling you! Go for it! Amelia Jane is LOVELY. I LOVE it!

Happy New year! And, hang in there! Good luck if you deliver soon! Happy healthy delivery and baby! :) xo!