Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ahead of the curve

I just had to say that the name chosen by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner for their new daughter, Seraphina was - and still is a name I like! Every single person I have mentioned it to over the last month or so hated it, a lot. So there, I really am a trend setter I suppose. I never mentioned it here because the likelihood of me actually using it was so slim. I still love it though and I am telling you it is nudging up a bit for me now. I am not ashamed to say that the inspiration was the Barbie movie, The Princess and the Pauper the girls have, there are two great names, Anneliese and Serafina (who incidentally is a cat), in the movie.

I should also mention that Hubby is standing strong on Melina and his second favourite choice is now Zoe. I am holding on Amelia Jane, but I am still so confused as to why the name I choose, Melina, just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I had an ultrasound last week and when the technician rolled over the baby she was looking right at us, it was so freaky and the look was like, "what do you want?" I get the impression she might be scrappy and now I am wondering if any of the names we are considering are right.

With less than three weeks to go and feeling about 12 months pregnant and oh so tired I am not sure we will have a name by delivery. I think we might just have to have a look at her and make up our minds then.

I am a getting extremely nervous now and the fact that I have done it before doesn't seem to bring me much comfort. I still can't figure out how I am going to juggle our new family of five. I promise to post once this little girl makes her arrival (and name) known.


Omaha Mama said...

I can't wait to hear baby news! But hope that you'll post before then. Where's the picture of Jenifer with her bump???
Anneliese is the name of a little girl in B's class. A little spitfire who just perfectly matches her name somehow.
I like Amelia Jane, I think that's my favorite too.
I'm a Melanie, so you'd think I'd go with Melina for selfish reasons, but no - I really like Amelia!

Anonymous said...

Seraphina. Seraphina...hmmm. I like it. On someone else's child. Seraphina is one of those If I were really rich and really brave and much more artsy-fartsy, I would use it names. Like Clementine. Or Evangeline. Or Hermione. Or Ephraim. Or...I could go on all day.

As for Melina vs. Amelia: both are lovely.

For me, Melina conjures up images of the actress Melina Kanakaredes. She's lovely, but I've no other associations with name. I know of a greater number of Amelias, so I have a wider range of (all positive) reactions to the name.

I read a naming book years ago that said men and women use different criteria in choosing names. Women ask themselves, "What would I be like if this was my name?" while men wonder "Is it easy to visualize this name attached to a person who embodies all the values and traits I find desireable?"

Zoe is nice. Will you use an accent or an umlaut? Please do not spell it as Zoey -- which I've seen in several birth announcements.

Mad said...

I still vote for Amelia. I like Zoe but I know two Zoe's and a Zoya all under 2 right now which makes me wonder if its popularity is taking off.

Denguy said...

Our first-born was Baby Girl [lastname] for four days until my wife gave in to the name I wanted--er, I mean until we decided together to use the name she suggested.

To me, Seraphina is right up there with Nevaeh.

I like Amelia Jane.

Don Mills Diva said...

I'd like to suggest Kelly.:-)

If not, then I like Ameila Jane.

Mimi said...

I like Amelia ... sounds pretty (well, and you know I have an 'A' name, and Munchkin has an 'A' name. I think they looks nice written out.)

Also, my Cabbage Patch doll from 1984 was named "Melina Claudine", so if you're looking for a combo ... :-)

Good luck getting through to the end. Month Nine is F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

Jenifer said...

OM: I just might take some pictures...I can count on one hand all the pictures of me pregnant with all three combined. Who knows maybe I will post one. Just a warning I greatly resemble Humpty Dumpty at the moment.

Subspace: If we were to go with Zoe it would be with no "y" and no accent or umlaut.

My association with Melina is the exact same as yours, I was a Guiding Light fan once upon a time and she was on the show...that was my first introduction.

There is a famous Greek actress of yesteryear though Melina Mercouri who was nominated for an Academy Award for the movie "Never on a Sunday" that is Hubby's association.

I think I am feeling the same is you about Seraphina, I want to use it, but probably never will.

Mad: I only know of one Zoe, but it does sound like it is taking off in your area.

Denguy: It is really that bad?! Good for you for seeing the light.

Don Mills Diva: Thanks Kelly, if I get my way...

Mimi: You know of my love of "A" names and with Hubby and Papoosie with "A" names I am itching to return it seems. I am having weird flashbacks that maybe MY Cabbage Patch was named Melina...You are right about month nine, I missed it with Papoosie Girl and for some reason it wasn't this long with Rosebud...I am so ready for this to be over.