Sunday, November 26, 2006

New Name

Just a bit of a blog construction. The name has been changed to just Rosebud and Papoosie Girl...the name seemed just a bit too long and cumbersome. These are nicknames their Nana gave each of them practically at birth. I have my own of course too, and while these may sound strange they are Rosebud and Papoosie Girl in every way.

Now the name is just right.


Anonymous said...

UGH computers. I just spent ten minutes commenting on your postings and the internet has failed me again. So I will repost my comment. I just wanted to say that I have loved reading your posts. You and your fellow bloggers are giving me a window into the life of being a mum. The ups and downs and how quickly they come and go sometimes. I'm not even a parent yet and I feel like I'm learning so much about parenthood. And not the blissful, fuzzy dream of parenthood...but the reality of it all. Glamourous and unglamourous as it all is. I can't wait to read more, blogs and comments. Your blogs are so insightful...they're giving me hope for my own blog. I now understand the buffet analogy...I want to keep going back for more!

Anonymous said...

Is there a story behind the girls' nicknames?

And to Amy (who posted above) I hope the mommy-blog-network isn't you scaring off! It is not all screaming children, weight gain, and bodily fluid mopping. There are cute little squishy faces that give kisses and unconditional love...and flu germs.


Jenifer G. said...

You know what I wish there was a great story behind the girls' nicknames. My Mom came up with PG first and I have no idea why really. Possibly because we wrapped her so tightly all the time...looked like a Papoose? And, then came Rosebud necxt. Her lips did look like little Rosebuds so maybe that was it. I am definitely going to ask my Mom when she is over tomorrow.

I actually have my own nn for them so it is kind of funny we all call them something different (my Greek in-laws have theirs too).

Amy is my younger sister who after graduating from University decided to spend a year in South Korea teaching English to Kindergarten kids. She misses us tons and one of the initial intentions of my blog was to keep her involved in our daily lives. We keep commenting how we feel closer than ever yet we are the farthest apart we have ever been.

The mystery of the blog. The intensely personal and anonymous nature all rolled into one.

Have a great week.