Friday, November 24, 2006


These are some of the words Rosebud has used this week in no particular order:


Rosebud I might remind you is three years old! (Sorry for the misleading pic-no we don't have a prodigy on our hands-see note below) I think we are in big trouble if she can say and use these words in perfect context so soon. I am fairly certain these are all from The Little Mermaid her current fave movie. Papoosie Girl is still so scared of Ursula she can barely watch while Rosebud has it all figured out, "Mommy is Ariel's Daddy bad?" "No sweetie he is just upset because Ariel was late for the concert." Rosebud replies with, "Is Ursula bad or does she have a tummy ache?" If only all bad people in the world just had tummy aches. Can you tell I watched The National tonight while sitting at my laptop while dear hubby snored on the sofa.

I digress. While Rosebud has a wonderful and expansive vocabulary she still does have a bit of babyism clinging to her that I never correct...I just can't bring myself to. Not that I repeat them either, it is just such a little bit of baby left. It is all ending too soon as it is. Again in no particular order:

Are sir for Arthur
Max and Ruvy for Max and Ruby
speggy for spaghetti
quackers for crackers
hopsicle for popsicle

I know this is no great revelation and I am sure my other great blogger mom's could fill pages and pages with cute and adorable babyisms but the thing is these are so far and few between in my house now. I sometimes think I must do this again. The baby thing that is, so I can get it right and document every last detail so I will never forget. I have kept some form of book, journal and calendar at all times but it never feels like enough. Why is it when I hold a friends newborn and stare at that tiny person I think why don't I remember all this? The little ear like a fiddlehead, the downy head, the way they fit so perfectly in your arms. No answers folks. The jury is still out on this one.

Words brought me here tonight. And, I guess brought me more places than I bargained for. Wonderful wonderful words. Just waiting for the right time to escape. Rosebud no doubt feels the same way.

Note adorable baby picture of Rosebud cruising our halls in Papoosie Girl's doll stroller. Shameless chance for me to peek at our little cutie.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Rosebud has some big words! Are you flashcarding that child!? Cute and smart - deadly combination.

My youngest has a bit of a lisp, too. And I find it sooooo cute. I'll worry if he still can't say the letter R when he hits kindergarten.

My sons watched The Little Mermaid last month (homework for a friend's thematic party was my justification). My 4 yr old is still complaining. Ariel was not little - she was grown up size. She was not even the littlest mermaid - her sisters were the same size as her. She was the youngest sister - hence, the movie should be called the Youngest Mermaid. That kid loves to argue. And his logic makes sense.

Keep on bloggin'

Anonymous said...

I already miss the days when Bub called helicopters "ocker-docker" - and that's just because he's upgraded to "hamen-docker."

What I'll miss the most, though, is the incredible sweetness of his intonation - those pure treble tones, totally innocent of sarcasm or malice.