Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beauty Shop

So this isn't really supposed to be the place to whine and complain about being tired or alone with the girls from the minute they wake up until they lay their sweet heads upon their pillows. So I won't say that at all. Or that some days seem to stretch on forever like the sky.
And really not all days are like that....just some. And even if I am so very very tired, I love my job and would not trade it for the world.

The other day the girls were playing beauty shop and needed another customer (they had already suitably fixed each other up) and since I was just too tired to disagree I complied. I sat on the edge of the sofa for nearly an hour while they primped and yanked (ouch) my hair until they were satisfied. They take this beauty gig seriously and spent quite a bit of time getting it all just right. Most of the accessories are from a long ago "beauty head" the girls had, but got tired of playing with, they much prefer a real head.

I had one of those "styling heads" too as a child and would spend hours fixing her hair with the little velcro curlers. It amazes me that despite how different our childhoods are they are also in so many ways the same.

We were interrupted only once by the doorbell. The look on my teenage neighbours face was priceless as he asked for the ladder, their birdies had all gone into the eaves and we are the only people with a ladder. Then again he is about 15 so he should understand this kind of strange.

Once were done they insisted I take a look in the mirror and take some "real" pictures of my new do. So here they are, the result of an afternoon indulged in beauty and so much fun. Sometimes a trip to the beauty shop is just what you need.


bubandpie said...

Nice hair! I had pictured you with darker hair. Very Scully-esque. (That's my new word for the day.)

Omaha Mama said...

I too was impressed with your hair color, and lack of darker roots!
:-) A day at home with my little girl has turned into an excuse for 42 costume changes - hers, not mine.

Jenifer said...

B&P- You will laugh, but I just had my hair coloured for the first time at the salon and coloured it DARKER than my natural washed out dirty blonde. I had tried some of those Natural Instincts and they had left my hair an odd shade, just too brassy. Hence no darker roots OM, the colour will probably fade lighter instead.

So last Saturday on a whim I coloured my hair while getting a trim. I have been some shade of blonde all my life and always wanted dark brown hair. I must say I am loving this darker shade, it is like who I really think I am.

Beck said...

Looking good.
Some days are SO long, aren't they? I always, always feel like a rabbit in a trap between 2:30 and 4:30, which is just an UNBEARABLE time of day at Casa Beck. But the other 22 hours around those are okay.

Oh, The Joys said...

You are the new IT girl!

Mad Hatter said...

Love it!! It is positively devine!

Mimi said...

Oh hilarious! All the mommybloggers only post the most attractive pictures of themselve on the internet ... teehee.

And the colour does look good: it is indeed Scully-esque. As for me, I've gone 8 months without colouring, the longest of my adult life. And lo and behold, it's dirty blonde. Who knew?

Sandra said...

So pretty!!! Makes me wish I had a girl :)

Haley-O said...

Omigosh, you look GORJ!!! :) All you need now is the braces!!! ;) I kid.... If you do decide to go with the braces, I know you'll look beautiful! :)