Thursday, May 17, 2007

Monday Musings - On Thursday?

I guess since it is my blog I can do this...this flagrant disregard of the rules. Since we have been back from Long Island, NY I have wanted to post about the drive, party, family, etc., but it somehow seems so far away. It was all so vivid and I kept thinking I must blog about this, but when we returned I felt myself straining to remember what it was I wanted to say. I really love Alpha DogMa's By the Numbers posts so I think I am going to sum up our trip exactly that way.

By the Numbers Long Island, NY Engagement Party Version

10 the number questions at the border crossing (possibly could have been higher, but I am guesstimating 10.) We were very thoroughly questioned which proceeded to wake up both the girls - err. Prior to the questioning our biggest worry was whether we would be allowed to bring our homemade baked goods over. That question was never asked.

It also included these ditties from the border guy:

"Who has engagement parties?" This was after he wanted to see the invitation.
"What are the names of the people getting engaged?" Hubby struggles to remember cousin's fiancees name at this point.
"Where is the husband/father in the car ahead of you?" Well, they are divorced and he is joyfully not here with us. (Sister-in-law and three kids were in the car ahead of us and mentioned that the two cars behind her were traveling together.)

9 the time Rosebud fell asleep in her stroller at the party, before her dinner even arrived. Papoosie Girl fell asleep an hour later on two chairs with her head on my lap after crying for half an hour about the loud music - the Greek band WAS loud. The rest of the kids at the party danced and ran around the dance floor long after we girls are just like Mommy not exactly party animals.

8 the number of miles our hotel was from our relatives house!

7 the number of first cousins gathered together on my hubby's side. Out of 7 people there are two sets that have the same name. This is very common and hubby has about five cousins on the other side with the same name. In the Greek culture it is customary to name your children after the paternal grandparents, hence cousins with the same name. This wreaks havoc for instance when we were planning our wedding and got back RSVP cards from several families with the same name...thank goodness I had numbered the cards.

6 the number of times I have chuckled while writing this and remembering Rosebud saying, "U Nork" and the Statue of "Liverty" while typing this up.

5 the number of times I have gone back to stare at some of the photos of the party. When did I get so huge? Is that really how I look to others? This is also the number of new undies I got from Victoria's Secret, the only underwear I wear and the only underwear you will never have to fish out of your butt, EVER, they are that good.

4 the number of hours the girls spent in the hotel pool. The highlight of the trip for them, well along with Dylan's.

3 the number of hours we spent at the mall Saturday morning wasting time and eating candy at Dylan's Candy Bar. (Could help explain #5, all those Jelly Belly's I ate...)

2 the number of engagement parties left to go to in Long Island, NY in the next few years.

1 times a thousand is the number of 1 dollar bills tossed in the air at the bride and groom while dancing. These "singles" all go to the band as tips and the dance floor is littered with them all night.

The weekend had many fun and wonderful moments despite the hectic pace and general disregard for any schedule we might follow on a normal day. We were all glad to be home and back to "normal" and I am looking forward to the wedding next June since we are going to stay longer and make a vacation out of it. We are excited to take the girls to New York City and show them the sights. Well I am less excited, more nervous, but hubby's genuine excitement makes up for it.

One of these days I will do a real life, My Big Fat Greek Life post. There are some wonderful and wacky things I would love to document and share. I promise to get soon as this woeful, procrastinating, cranky mood lifts.


Omaha Mama said...

I hate to perseverate on the weight thing (but I will anyway), we just got some party pics back and I'm just bummed. Why do I still have 3 chins?! I've been working so dang hard!

Woeful, yes.

Hang in there - the mood lifts and the light returns and then all will be right in the world again! ;-)

bubandpie said...
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bubandpie said...

Wow, some of those customs agents are just high on power, aren't they? It's like, look at me! I can ask any question I want, no matter how irrelevant or intrusive, and you have to answer!

Actually, I think I kind of want to be a customs agent.

Mimi said...

I know exactly how you feel about coming back from a trip and being blocked. Totally.

I can't believe you had to NUMBER your wedding rsvps. I'm totally totally impressed you had the presence of mind to organize that. I am in awe.

And? U Nork? How cute is that?

Beck said...

Ah, number 5. My nemisis. In my head, I am still the same slim girl that I was a decade ago and then I see a photo of myself. YIKES.

Alpha DogMa said...

It never fails that whenever we get to a hotel with a pool, it is my time of the month, but if we are at a place with a crappy pool or at some leech infested lake, timing is not an issue.

I don't want to tell you how pathetically loooooonnnngg it has been since I crossed an international border. I'm becoming a hick, I fear.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen! Guess who know where you blog is, and yes I knew it was around a while now! haha! You're quite the writer aren't you.

- Greek Boy

NotSoSage said...

U Nork. I think that'll become a part of the Sage household lexicon. Awesome.

"Who ever heard of an engagement party?" Good god, man, did you grow up under a rock?!

Pendullum said...

With customs agents,I can forget my name.and my 'purpose' and to think I am so used to people in uniform as my father was a cop... but customs officers... well, they are failed cops, and they have a big grudge on their shoulders, which all of us must deal with...

Sandra said...

Bub & Pie's comment just cracked me up. I never thought about it that way before - I think now I want to be a customs agent too!

Hang in there my friend - post trip blues suck

Christine said...

Sounds like quite a time! Having so many same-named cousins must be crazy and fun all at the same time!

Haley-O said...

customs agents are the biggest power trippers EVAH! And metre maids....

And, I totally hear you about number 5!!!!!!!!!!! It's brutal....