Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Musings - Is it hot in here?

While on her grand adventure vacation Alpha DogMa and I engaged in a discussion about our high school/university Celebrity Lists. She challenged me in my comment's to make it a mini-meme, so for the hell of it - here goes. This goes with the disclaimer that actually sleeping with these people, or really anyone besides Hubby is rather an icky thought to me now. I fancy myself more in lust with these people, more along the lines they are nice to look at...Oh who am I kidding.

For those of you that read my blog with any regularity (thanks guys, you are small in number, but big in heart) I don't really dabble in this area. Call me a prude, but any kind of bow chicka bow wow or rumpusing is better left for others to discuss. Those who can make it all sound funny and sexy and not at all as awkward as I think it sounds when I say it. That said I am still going to play along, I could use a little eye-candy right about now.

The list is defined as:

A list created by the individuals of a monogamous relationship at the point of becoming exclusive in order to notate which celebrities they are allowed to have sex with, if given the opportunity, and will not have committed any kind of wrong-doing that may conflict with the current terms of monogamy agreed upon by the individuals of the relationship.

Uh, yeah right. So I won't mind a bit if Hubby dallies around as long as it is someone from his list. Let's suspend reality here and go along with it. What is funny is that while I am trying to recall my past list, I realized that there are not many changes. What does that say about me? I have a type and I stick to it? My tastes really have not changed or matured? I do not really want to delve too deep here, so here is my old list (to my best recollection), I am leaving out my current list, a girl needs a little mystery.

Celebrity List of the Past
1) Tom Cruise. I don't really need to explain Top Gun do I? This was before he was strange and all into his cult, I mean religion. I actually took Ron Hubbard's books out of the library to try to understand Scientology a bit. The God honest truth is I had no idea what I was reading, it was all gobbledy-gook. He still has his moments of appeal to me, but then I think of Katie's vacant face and it quickly vanishes.

2) "Holden Synder" As the World Turns - actor Jon Hensley. My step-Grandmother watched this soap and babysat me during the summer. I quickly became hooked into the Holden-Lily storyline and he is still on the soap today. I don't watch anymore, but I think he may have been my first real crush. I still love the name Holden to this day and always claim it came from, Cather in the Rye, um busted.

3) Denzel Washington
I think it was Malcolm X that did it for me since I can't really recall what the first movie I saw with Denzel was, if it wasn't that one. I loved this movie and he was amazing, and I was sold.

4) Harrison Ford
This one is obvious, Star Wars was my first taste of Harrison, a great boys name in my opinion too. Then there was Indiana Jones and my fascination with older leading men was sealed. All these years later he is still hot.

5) Bruce Willis

This began with Moonlighting and only got worse with the Die Hard franchise. While I think of him as "John McClane" from Die Hard his film career is really quite varied and I have enjoyed most of his films. He has that bad boy, not trying too hard quality I am so drawn to...and I like his voice which from my choices is pretty obvious I think that voices can carry me quite far.

There are a few new ones I could add in, but the mature leading men preference (as opposed to the latest boy toy actors) has not changed and now includes George Clooney, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant among others.

Who is on your fantasy list? Do you even still have one and has it changed much? I can't say I had thought much about this in recent years, but it was fun to think about!

Happy Monday.


Omaha Mama said...

Mmmmm...Top Gun Tom Cruise, nothing better. Did you ever watch Dawson's Creek? Katie (or Kate, as Tom has named her) Holmes used to have facial expressions, quite gorgeous actually. Until she mutated into the woman she is today. Weird.

Did you ever see the Friends episode where they made lists? Ross laminated his and then ran into one that he bumped (Isabella Rossellini) and tried to explain it to her. Hi-larious.

I like your list - prude or not. Right now Dr. McDreamy probably tops mine (but not really Patrick Dempsy, who seems to have gotten a little arrogant, just the character he plays). And maybe Jake Gyllenhaal. For no other reason than he's cute.

Great post - I'm proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone!

NotSoSage said...

Excellent topic for a Monday Musing! What better thing to muse on on a Monday than your Celebrity List! Hmm...this got me thinking about my own - which I've obviously never thougth of before - but maybe I'll bravely post it myself...I've got, like, six memes on hold and one of my own that I'm thinking of making up. Plus, you know, original content brewing. Sigh. This blogging thing keeps us busy! :)

Beck said...

Hm, my celebrity list. I should post that myself one of these days.
I'm the biggest prude in the world, by the way, when it comes to writing on my blog. If you were going by that, I've reproduced asexually.

Jenifer said...

Omaha Mama-Definitely out of my comfort zone. NOT that there is anything wrong with talking about is just not so comfortable for me.

Sage-You are a blogging queen. I would love to see your list though if you had the time.

Beck-Yup me too, divine intervention for my girls.
Oh and I want to add Kevin Costner, he was fabulous in Bull Durham, that sexy voice and those crinkly eyes, yum. Sheesh what have I become!

Jenifer said...

Omaha Mama-Meant to say it was the Friends episode that originally prompted this among my friends in the first place.

Christine said...

Ooooooo--Harrison Ford is SO yummy!!!!

bubandpie said...

1) Thank you for reminding me of the term "rumpusing." Ever since I saw it at Alpha Dogma's, I've been looking for more ways to work it into casual conversation.

2) I feel exactly the same way as you do about the theoretical quality of the list. One can be in lust with a celebrity while still being icked-out by the idea of going through with the deed.

3) Is this your list of the past in that it's the list you would have constructed back in the day? Or is it that you not only meet the celebrities but meet them as they appeared at the time? 'Cause my list would definitely contain 1987 Bono either way.

As Omaha Mama points out, these lists should also include fictional characters (rather than the actors who played them). Then I would include Mr. Darcy (as played by Colin Firth) and Detective Riggs (as played by Mel Gibson).

Alpha DogMa said...

Great List! Very classy, in fact. My love of Denzel can be traced to The Pelican Brief and Much Ado About Nothing

I'm a bit unnerved by the fact that people do NOT have at the ready 5 rumpus-worthy celebrities.

Here's is my list for today (it may change depending on what I watch on the TV tonight)

1. Pierce Brosnan (from any era).
2. Ewan MacGregor (with the beard).
3. Hayden Christensen (with hair and body as shown in Revenge of the Sith when he'd shorn the dweeby Padawan Learner rat tail).
4. Taye Diggs (Rowr, indeed!).
5. Leonardo DiCaprio (but first I'd need a note from his doctor - cos this boy has been AROUND).

Waiting in the wings: Will Ferrell, the Emo Kid from the Apple Computer ads, Jon Stewart.

Jenifer said...

Oh you guys are killing me!

B&P-Isn't rumpusing grand...I would have seldom the occasion to use it so this is fun! And yes, the idea of the "deed" is not nearly as appealing as making a list of hotties.

Hmnn, I guess if I could meet Tom Cruise now as he was in Top Gun before I heard him spouting off about Scientology and all the rest then yes, let me meet him now! As for Bono he is still one great looking man and has principles.

As for fictional characters give me James Bond as Pierre any day.

Alpha DogMa-Are ya proud of me? Bet you thought I would never do this...Taye Diggs, yes! I fell for him after The Best Man movie he was in...and Pierce as mentioned above is always so suave (and has a good voice). You know I didn't immediately think of Jon Stewart, but yeah him too.
Good grief I really need to stop now.

Alpha DogMa said...

Kevin Frazier from Entertainment tonight is also pretty tempting. I mean, he's no bearded Obi-wan Kenobi actor, but he's fine. And I forgot all about Alan Rickman!

Addictive, isn't it? Once you get thinking about it you can NOT stop!

And, yes - I am proud of you. Vixen.

Mimi said...

David Duchovny--Mulder from the X-Files. Trent Reznor--singer from Nine Inch Nails.

I think that was it. The list is short, but it was intense.

Oh! That's my used-to-be list, from back in teh day. Now, I don't know?

Great post--very fun!

Mad Hatter said...

From back in the day?

John Cusak (Say Anything)
Kevin Costner but really Susan Sarandon (Bull Durham--greatest baseball movie ever)
Patrick Dempsey (when he was a geek)
Nicolas Cage (Valley Girl)
Andrew McCarthy (Pretty in Pink)

And now I have grown.

Oh, The Joys said...

When I was traveling in South Africa I was staying at a hostel somewhere and a Denzel movie was on in the lounge. Some random Afrikaner said, "Here in South Africa, we don't like Denzel because he makes all those racist movies." I tried hard to come up with a "racist" movie - what could she mean? I responded by saying, "Really? In my country he is a sex symbol and ALL THE WOMEN WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH HIM." I have such a big mouth! (Thank DOG!)