Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Musings - Monday again?

Well I had grand intentions of finishing my post about mother's, mine in particular; but that didn't happen. Then I tried to condense (it is way too big to post on You Tube) a really cute movie of Rosebud just talking and saying some really funny stuff, but I could not figure out how to do it. Then I thought of blogging about all the cute things she has been saying lately, but that seemed too cutesy. Then I thought of blogging about how Papoosie Girl is doing so well lately and hardly has any asthma symptoms, but that seems like begging the Murphy's Law jinx gods for an attack. Then there was that great article in the Globe & Mail (or maybe The Star, we get both papers) this weekend about kids and learning and math and this great teacher, but I recycled it already and am just too lazy to go find it. Then it was a poetic and insightful post about spring and how the girls are so loving all the tulips and daffodils they are seeing everywhere and asking all kinds of deep and profound questions about life.

So that leaves me with a Monday Musings with very little to muse at the moment. So are things with you? Read any great books, seen any good movies, we really don't get to talk much anymore do we? Have an interesting meme you want to start? Let's dish and just spend a few moments catching up shall we?

Let me know and in the meantime I will work on getting those posts finished, maybe even by next Monday. Then again maybe not as we are off to Long Island, NY this weekend so next Monday maybe even bleaker. Then again after a 10 hour road trip with about 15 members of hubby's family, a family party to attend then followed by a 10 hour drive back the next day I might just give me enough fodder for a whole series of posts.

If you want to see how a post of half thoughts can sound go visit Bub & Pie, you will see why she is the teacher....


bubandpie said...

Those tulips! Gasp!

Alpha DogMa said...

New York! Have you ever been before? What's the occassion? I'm picturing your trip as an fusion of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Little Miss Sunshine.
Here's a suggestion: blog your Celeb List for consequence-free, sexual dalliances. Consider it a mini-meme!
Later Skater,
(attempt #4 to post this comment)

Beck said...

New York! Lucky you!
My tulips don't come up for a while yet. We live in a great big shadow, you see, and that makes us a month behind everyone else, climactically.

Jenifer said...

B&P-Those are not my tulips just a lovely photo I found. We live in a townhouse and over the years gave up on bulbs of any kind, the squirrels love em too much. There are many houses around us and public parks with tulips and daffodils though for us to enjoy. My goal is to one day get to Ottawa (we have family there after all) to see the tulips which I have never done.

ADM-I have been to Long Island, NY once before two years ago when Rosebud was 1 and Papoosie Girl was 3. Hubby's parents were invited to a wedding so we all went down and hubby and I got to visit NYC for one day alone while they watched the girls. It was my first trip and while I thought I was a city girl NY is something else. I loved the walking and Central Park the rest was intense. There is a fantastic children's museum in Long Island as well.

This occasion is an engagement party for one of hubby's first cousins and we are literally going down can coming back. We booked a hotel thank goodness as the house will be packed. We will leave at about 3am Friday morning so we avoid the horrible traffic and get to their house by dinner time. The party is Saturday night, then we drive home Sunday. There are three cars heading down from here, but we are the only ones staying in a hotel. I am looking forward to it, but am tired/stressed just thinking about it.

Blog my "list" ah. Maybe. What will people think!

Beck-Those tulips are on the way soon I am sure! I have to pop by your place...any updates on the party? I will be over today.


Omaha Mama said...

Do you think it's our busy busy lives that leave us unable to complete a thought these days??? I'm amazed at how crazy May is. And I keep talking about it. But not completing any actual deep thoughts. Just half-thoughts.

Thanks for the kind thoughts over at my new venture. I am really excited about sticking with something. I appreciate the support.

Good luck with your thinky posts, we'll look for them next Monday!

NotSoSage said...

Half thoughts are better than none to FINALLY come visit to (sorry I've been away so long!).

But, oh, time with 15 in-laws bookended by a long drive both directions? Well, I don't know about your in-laws, but I certainly would be able to pound out a few posts following a trip like that! ;)

Have a great time!

Pendullum said...

Great Tulips of Colour Batman!!!
Have a wonderful tripand it does indeed sound like you will have a few posts to make in response to your great trip to Long Island..

Christine said...

I know how you feel! It is just hard, hard, hard finding something exciting to write about. Enjoy your trip!