Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meme too - Hey, that's two words

The lovely, funny, sassy and strong Alpha DogMa tagged me for this one word meme, surely a test for the long-winded me.

1 Where is your cell phone? Diaper bag
2 Relationship? Married
3 Your hair? Transition
4 Work? Nonstop
5 Your sister? Amy
6 Your favorite things? Books
7 Your dream last night? None
8 Your favorite drink? Iced Tea
9 Your dream car? Cabriolet
10 The room you're in? Small
11 Your shoes? Crocs
12 Your fears? Death
13 What do you want to be in 10 years? Traveling
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend? Family/Friends
15 What are you not good at? Disappointment
16 Muffins? Yum!
17 Wish-list item? Space
18 Where you grew up? Suburbs
19 The last thing you did? Groceries
20 What are you wearing? Capris
21 What are you not wearing? Socks
22 Your pet? None
23 Your computer? iBook
24 Your life? Nice
25 Your mood? Restless
26 Missing? Dad
27 What are you thinking about? Dinner
28 Your car? Van
29 Your kitchen? Clean
30 Your summer? Adventures
31 Your favorite color? Blue
32 Last time you laughed? Today
33 Last time you cried? Saturday
34 School? More?
35 Love? Plenty
36. Tag? Omaha Mama

Gives new meaning to choose your words carefully.


Omaha Mama said...

Nice! Hey - I'm excited to try this one. I said at AD's. It sort of feels like a lightning round when you're reading it.

Well done!!! (And fast - you sure didn't sit on this one!)

Beck said...

No pet? I have two elderly cats I would HAPPILY give you. Fair warning: they like to pee on stuff.
Now I want some iced tea.

NotSoSage said...

Wow, for all their difficulty, I think this is the fastest round of meming I've ever seen. It's just flying around the 'sphere.

I'm sorry you're missing your Dad.

Alpha DogMa said...

#26 got me all teary-eyed.
Do you ever remember your dreams? I dream so vividly. Sometimes I get up in the morning angry with my husband for some misdeed that occurred in a dream - and I have to convince myself he is not culpable for MY dreams.

Jen said...

OM-Good luck!

Beck-I almost wrote coffee like you and then considered tea and even Pina Coladas, but settled on iced tea. No pets, Hubby is allergic and so is Papoosie Girl it seems. I grew up with two dogs so I do find it a bit strange to not have a pet.

Sage-Thanks. Some days are just harder than others and the missing is very hard.

ADM-See above. I do remember my dreams when I have them, but I don't think I have them very often since I don't remember many. I often have a dream where I am in an office building and trying to get out and all the floors look the same and while I can't see any "bad guys" I have the feeling I need to get out fast.

All my best x-rated dreams happened when I was pregnant.

You make me laugh when you get mad at Omega Man for crimes while asleep. Funny.

flutter said...

sorry you miss your Dad. This meme would make my head explode, I think

Christine said...

I love this meme-so fun!

I miss my dad, too. Hang in there,.