Monday, January 08, 2007

It's all about the shoes

Now I'm just toying with you.

I am not sure if I am more surprised that I wanted to do this or that I actually did it. I must say I still love my wedding shoes as important as that can be in the grand scheme.

I not only had to navigate my new digital camera, I had to get the photos out of said camera, and finally had to get them on here. For the record, there are very few people bloggers and non alike that would motivate me to go to such great lengths.

The way I see it is I will not have time to work on my Masters for many years. If I keep Bub and Pie happy then I will be much smarter without all the pesky textbooks, novels, studying and essays. I benefit greatly and appear oh so much smarter. Good deal right?!

For you Bub and Pie.


Melanie said...

Just have to say - Me too! Not related to your most recent post, but I read backwards and am enjoying your ramblings so much. I wandered over from Catherine Newman's blog because I may not have a clothes chair, but I have a clothes treadmill and a clothes dresser, and a clothes bookshelf. I am so into everything you have to say about mommyhood (in a purely non-cyber stalker way, of course).

Alpha Dogma said...

I'm tagging you for a Meme (if you don't mind)! You can check out the questions on my Emancipation of Meme post

Love the shoes. Sexy, but look like they'd be good for dancing at the reception.

bubandpie said...

Gasp! Hand clutched to heart!

Those shoes definitely lived up to their billing - and that's saying something, considering the billing they got.

Becky said...

Very nice, and I agree that they're good for dancing. I bought an off-the-rack-dress for my wedding, and in order to avoid having to hem a chiffon dress, I had to get 4" heels. (White, strappy sandals with 4" heels.) In the last 6 1/2 years I've only worn them once.