Monday, January 15, 2007

Then it was pink

We visited the Fracture Clinic today and we are with cast still. After a brief debate we settled on pink for our new cast. We go back again in two weeks to have it removed. So I remain Rosebud's chief form of transportation for a little while longer. I am booking my massage now.

As you can see she is not terribly concerned by it all!


Alpha Dogma said...

I must have that pink cast. Why would you need to discuss this. It is so sweet and stylish.

Your a good mom. Don't be all brave - book that massage. You've earned it.

Alpha Dogma said...

You are.
Not, your.


Jenifer G. said...

You know just want to say.
Rosebud toyed with the purple cast as well but, with a little help settled on pink.

Late night surfing? Hope you got some sleep.

Melanie said...

Pink. An excellent choice. You are taking this with such bravery. Amazing how moms always rise to the occasion more than we imagine we could. Good luck with the healing - her smile says she's doing OK!