Saturday, January 27, 2007

Things heard around here

This blog was supposed to be about the girls so I guess I should try a bit harder to include them! Here are some of the things heard around our place in the last few weeks.

Papoosie Girl
To her father, "Yes, I have thought about Mom's birthday, I have a list in my purse I just haven't got around to it yet."
Umm this doesn't sound like me at all...

To me, "Actually Mom, I think I probably know more about this than you."
Even if this was true, whatever, I am your mother. The word actually, appears at the beginning of many sentences these days.

Referring to the top bunk of bunk beds as, "the tippy tippy top."

Calling various things, "Gwoss."

Referring to short sleeve shirts as the, "up sleeves shirts."

Calling everyone in her pretend play, "sweetie-hon", and repeatedly telling her dolls/me to, "not touch it, not a bit, I can see you."

Telling me her yogurt is, "Minigo-ish."

Asking me, "Can I talk?"
After non-stop chatter, and both of them trying to have conversations with me at the same time in our van, I will occasionally say loudly, "no more talking." After a while Rosebud will ask if she can talk, Papoosie Girl however, can barely last a minute.

Telling everyone she watches Y&R all day. I do occasionally, watch the Young and the Restless however, I record it and watch it when the girls are in bed. They have never seen it, ever. If you ask her what her favourite show is she will often answer with Y&R.
It is so hard to remember all the funny, silly, eye-popping things that come out of their mouths. I am grateful they are so curious and want to talk to me, but, there are times I am sure my head will explode.

When they are young all you want is for them to talk, so they can tell you what hurts, for peeks into their personalities, to understand them. When it happens however, it can be another thing. Today they start talking the minute their eyes are open and often as I am tucking in Papoosie Girls she is still trying to tell me a story about something.

Right now Rosebud is napping, Papoosie Girl is out with her Daddy, and I am savouring the gentle sounds of the radio. I know this is a short-lived silence and I would not have it any other way. It sure is nice though, thoughts pop into my head and stay there, I can hear myself think. A real treat in my world.


Melanie said...

Thank you for sharing - how cute! My 3 year old starts 75% of all sentences with actually and probably...followed by mom. Last year, in the winter, she would only wear shirts with the sleeves up (short sleeves). Interesting to send your child to daycare in the winter in t-shirts. What could I say? She is a hard-headed little thing.

Alpha Dogma said...

I'll bet you do just watch Y&R all day! 'Fess up.
When we go to the grocery store, my 2 point to the O Magazine at the check-out stand and yell, "It's Oprah, mom! Oprah! Your friend from the tv, Oprah." It is so embarrassing.
Honest, I only watch if Nate Berkus is on. I'm not an addict or anything.
My 'soap opera' of choice are Star Trek reruns, but only when the kids nap.
Cute photo of the kids? What happened to the cast?

Jenifer G. said...

Ha! I turn to Y&R when Survivor is not on usually....I need my mindless fix every now and then. I get so frustrated with format mind you and tend to yell at the screen, "she's sleeping with your girlfriend!" or something to that effect.

At various times I have been addicted to TLC (everything I learned about childbirth came from A Baby Story) the Food Network, (love Jamie), and the Gameshow Network (Match Game) then after a while it kind of wanes.

That sounds so funny about Oprah, and I love Nate too. Cute and has good taste, right up my alley. I never got into the whole sci-fi thing but, in university my crowd loved, I think it was, "The Next Generation". We have many friends who are sci-fi crazy. Many of the shows do seem to have the soap quality about them.

Rosebud's cast is still on...the photo is from our trip to Collingwood the week between Christmas and New Year's. The cast was supposed to come off after the first week but, it was not quite healed enough. They put the pink fiberglass and now we have a purple one.

We go back to the fracture clinic this Wednesday and they swear we will be done. She can walk on the carpet and inside with this purple cast so I think she must be feeling a lot better or she would not even try to put weight on it.

Whew. Long answer. Said this at your place, hope you are feeling better.

Mimi said...

It's funny how they pick up these weird grownup locutions, eh? Little adult turns of phrase coming out of wee little mouths. Thanks for sharing these!

Miss Baby is in the non-stop babbling phase, so it's pretty noisy around here even if she isn't 'talking', and of course, she makes no sense at all and is currently experimenting with volume. High volume. If she turns out a non-stop talker, I know she gets it from me, so I can't complain

Enjoy the silence ... (oh wait, now I'm humming Depeche Mode songs).

NotSoSage said...

Mm...glimpses into my future! I don't know how I'll feel about the "actually, I know more about this than you." I already get defensive when I hear, "No, Mama, it's ___".

I'm glad you came to visit! As I've said, I've followed links here a few times!