Monday, January 08, 2007

Wedding Shoes

This will make no sense for most readers, like there are so many! I promised Bub & Pie a photo of my wedding shoes. Creamy white Kenneth Cole pumps with silk Stephanotis flowers on them. I realize now that you can't really see them all that well. Maybe one day I will take them out of their box and shoot them up close, for now this is what I have.

I hope you can see how lovely they were. I still love them and my husband, both good I would say.


bubandpie said...

What a gorgeous photo - I love the angle, peeking through the banister. But it's just enough to tantalize me - you can't actually see the shoes, just get a sense of their colour and shape.

(I'm such a demanding reader, aren't it? There's no satisfying me!)

Alpha Dogma said...

Ooooh, your dress is so pretty! If only Emma Thompson had one iota of your fashion sense.
(Okay that last sentence means nothing unless you've been at my blog and seen the entry from January 8)
PS - let me back track: you AND the dress are pretty. May I ask what year this was - the style seems rather timeless (which is a good thing!).

Jenifer G. said...

B&P-I owe you...stay tuned.

AD-Not only was on your blog, I gushed over there.

Thanks for the compliments! The year was 1997. This year will be the big 10. I look back and think I was such a baby, at 26 mind you. Papoosie girl was born just shy of my 30th do the math for my age now!

You know as I was browsing through some bridal magazines with my soon-to-be sister-in-law (wow lots of dashes) I found so many dresses I love but, I still love mine best. I found it in a magazine, tore out the picture, walked into the store and pretty much demanded to see it.

And, after humouring my mother and godmother by trying on several other styles I got the one from my picture.

That kind of sums me up in a lot of ways actually. If I know I want something it just is, there is really no other option. Dear hubby has other words for this trait but, I like to think that when I know want something I will accept nothing less.

Hard earned knowledge for sure.